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A Canucks Snapback Hat is one of the most popular souvenir collectibles, especially if you are an avid NHL Vancouver Canucks Fan! The Snapback Cap was one of the HOT items to own in the early 90's, but today has enjoyed a big comeback, as everything old has become the ''new'' trend for today. Vintage Canucks Snapback Hats can be somewhat of a rare find, but if you are able to put your hands on one, particularly if its in mind condition, then you've got yourself a number one collectible!

The Vancouver Canucks officially became a part of the NHL in 1970 and play in the Western Conference, Northwest Division out of the Rogers Arena in Vancouver British Columbia. The Canucks have had 13 changes to their Team Logo's and Jerseys over the years, probably one of the most for a hockey club that is relatively young. The current Logo shows off the colors of green, blue, white and silver in the Design of a Haidi styled Orca Whale leaping out of a broken piece of ice, representing the intial ''C'' . This design definitely has a west coast flavor to it and has been one of the most popular designs in the NHL. Popular players for the Canucks over the years are Trevor Linden, Henrik Sedin and Markus Naslund. To date the Canucks have had opportunities to win the Stanley Cup Championship, but have found it to be just out of reach.

A Canucks Snapback Hat would definitely make an excellent gift giving idea for a friend or family member who is a Vancouver Canucks fanatic. If you are lucky enough to pick up a Vintage Snapback for the Canucks, see if you can find a Canucks Towel from 1982, which started the now popular Towel Power for NHL Teams that are facing a championship series.

The Holidays are quickly approaching, so start your shopping early for best selections. You get to shop from the comfort of your own home, in fact you can shop in between periods of the hockey game and then with the click of your mouse, your Canucks Snapback will be on its way to you.

Vancouver Canucks Snapback Hats|Caps

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